SCORE May 2007: 60 Photos of Penny Porsche

The final time we saw magnificent mega-MILF Penny Porsche (in the Jan. ’07 issue), she was sunbathing by the pool, getting hotter and hornier. And so were we. The male mind drifted to visions of Penny having sex. And that’s what happened. Penny entertained a bloated pecker. Here are the pix. Some have told that Penny looks like the perfect “soccer Mama.” That exact term was too used to describe Karen Fisher, too in this month’s parade of buxom pulchritude. “When I am on top grinding down while your rod is penetrating me, that truly receives me going,” says Penny. “And if you fuck me in the missionary position with my legs all the way back by my head, that acquires me going, likewise. I call it the lockdown.” Penny Porsche: amazing.


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