SCORE May 2007: 60 Photos of Merilyn Sakova

Despite the worldwide proclaim for Merilyn, Merilyn came very close to not winning Glamour model of the year. Her main opponent was Crystal Gunns, and Merilyn vs. Crystal renewed another debate that’s as old as SCORE itself: slim-n-super-stacked (like Crystal) vs. naturally stacked (like Merilyn). It’s an issue Crystal knows well. Five years agone, The Gunns held off a charge by Annie Swanson to win the 2002 Newcomer of the Year contest. This time, Crystal came up short in a gallant effort. Said J.W.: “She has the best tits ever on an impossibly tiny body,” emailed N.T. Wrote B.F.: “You view Merilyn and you think, ‘No way!’ And yet, each inch of her is true. She is rock hard to make no doubt of, especially considering that babe is all natural.” Merilyn and Crystal couldn’t be more different. Merilyn is from Russia. Crystal is all-American through and throughout. Merilyn is a clerk in a clothing store. Crystal is a world-famous feature dancer who spends plenty of time on the road and is allies with many of her fans. Merilyn is a part-time SCORE GREG. Crystal is a SCORE COREY and columnist (The Gunns Show) who represents SCORE everywhere she goes. We’re assured that her time will come. For now, Merilyn is #1.


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