SCORE May 2007: 60 Images of Emily Cartwright

Emily Cartwright perfectly channels the image of ’50’s pin-up and fetish queen Bettie Page. Emily is a astronomical fan of that era of modeling and she also can’t live with out fetish, fem-dom, kink and slavery. That babe likes rubber, leather and vinyl raiment. That babe says anal satifies her supreme and this babe loves getting oralized. The bigger in size the 10-Pounder, the bigger quantity worthwhile is her philosophy about the man-tool. That’s probably why she can’t live out of to look at Italian porn actor Rocco Siffredi’s movies. She is had sex in a car park. The majority atypical place she is done the messy deed was in a recording studio. She likes banging twice a day if this babe can receive it. That babe says she has particular skills in unfathomable throating and learned everything she knows about giving great blowjobs from watching porn. She can’t live without doing lengthy, slow, deep throat blowjobs. That babe craves she were bigger quantity outstanding at the reverse cowgirl position. Her prefered shag position is doggie. “I like to feel the guy shoving me down into the couch.” This babe can’t live without the Lothario to be in charge in bed and follows directions to the letter. She’s had G-spot orgasms. The majority odd position that babe is endevoured is “suspended upside down.” Emily can’t live out of to have her hooters fucked and she’s got lots of sweatermeat to tit-fuck. “I have a dunky in number favourite part of my body. I love my eyes and my legs but my absolute prefered has to be my boobies!” says Emily on her web resource, Us likewise! “I like to keep my snatch completely bald although I do grow it back sometimes for photoshoots.” In this one, she’s as bald and slick as a cue ball.


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