SCORE March 2008: 70 Photos of Deena Duos

A jungle BRETT for breast-suckers who like to swing with super-sized sex-bombs. Deena had dropped without the breast race for a tiny in number years to become…a nurse. Try to picture it! “I was a nurse in nursing homes. It was very rewarding. The families were good, and the patients loved me. And I had pleasure with it, also. I felt very whole in my profession, but I also felt that…well, I have a wild side. It’s a fantasy thing, like, you not at any time know, maybe one of these guys might actually like me and I would end up doing smth with them, but it was never bigger quantity than a fantasy.” Now Deena’s back doing, what she loves superlatively priceless. And maybe it’s better that way. A female-dom athletic like her tending to ill, old boys isn’t the healthiest idea…but what a way to go!

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