SCORE July 2007: 40 Photos of Rebecca Love

“When u make love, you are in love, and u feel all these sparks inside, and when you’re making love, it’s not about talking obscene and being sexual. You’re intimate, and you’re swapping body fluids, and you feel that spark inside. It’s such an emotional tie. It’s worthwhile and slow and romantic. Now fucking, which can be great. I love rogering! It’s just that carnal, hardcore, bawdy cleft onto the haunches, slam into her, spit, clutch, nails, u know? Tearing into one another. Yep! Slam your ramrod into me! Cum all over my bra buddies! And that big, rigid knob is slamming into my juicy, damp snatch. Fuck, yeah! Well, you receive the point? Messy, rogering 10-Pounder.”


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