SCORE January 2008: 100 Fotos of Gianna Rossi

Snapshots from a week with Gianna Rossi, the porno star in the group of big-titted glamour models who invaded the tiny island of Eleuthera:

Scene One: I am in Miami International Airport. Gianna’s somewhere in the terminal. But, even though I’m almost 100% positive that Gianna is the hottest sweetheart in the Airport-and that’s saying smth in Miami-and the one with the titanic pointer sisters, I am not sure I’m plan to be experienced to discover her right away. You watch, Gianna Rossi doesn’t costume like a pornstar. This babe dresses like a regular beauty. And there she’s, curled up on a seat in the expecting area wearing baggy jeans and a white top. If a passerby was to see her, he’d say, “There’s a marvelous goddess.”

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