SCORE January 2008: 100 Pics of Angela White

“Hey Lorna!” This babe turned around. Ooops! It was Angela. “Hey, Angela!” This babe turned around. Ooops! It was Lorna.

I’ve not at any time thought of Lorna Morgan and Angela White looking alike. But, then once bigger in size quantity, I’d not at all seen them in the same place at the same time. Lorna Morgan and Angela White were being mistaken for each other all the time. But, hey, if you’re intend to have double vision, you might as well have it with those 2 girls.

As it turned out, Angela-the solely Aussie in the group-and Lorna-the only Brit in the group-became instant friends. Instant bedmates, too. Listen, I do not know what went on between these two at night. Maybe nothing, but I can keep fantasizing about it, can’t I? But these 2 gals became close. Very close, as it turned out. They slept in the same daybed, which, in all honesty, isn’t that much unlike you or I getting to sleep with Lorna. Minus the boner, of course.

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