SCORE Holiday 2007: 69 Fotos of Natalie Fiore

“I love the public and love to work with people,” Natalie says. We love her all the greater quantity for taking her pretty raiment off in the backseat of the car during the time that they drove around city. “I like to have people around me and do not like to be lonely or have a boring job or life. If there’re no people around, it’s very sad and depressing, so public relations is a consummate field for me to enter. I like to trip a lot and I’ve viewed plenty of places in my life. So far I’ve viewed six or seven countries. My much loved city to visit is Amsterdam. There is something about Amsterdam that when I go there I feel like I can do anything I urge. I can be myself and I feel free. And it is a captivating city to view. It is an old city and the architecture is fabulous. The buildings are like works of fine art.”

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