SCORE February 2008: 70 Pics of Rukhsana

Ruki (her nickname)
has the pure showgirl’s body. She’s small, fit and trim which emphasizes the size
of her large love melons even larger amount. There isn’t an ounce of plump on her!

You look like u figure out a lot.
I am an ex-county swimmer and runner. I train as often as possible to look my
best. I do a lot of sensible eating. I swim and do hundreds of sit-ups.
What’s the finest pick-up line you’ve ever heard?
What are we having for breakfast?
SCORE: What type of foreplay do you
>Ruki: Take up with the tongue me!
What’s your beloved way to satisfy a boy?
I like to work on top and grind.
SCORE: Do you have a controlling or unrepining
>Ruki: Dominating. But I am not
into dominance as a lifestyle. Beefy would be a better word.
What kind of things have bucks done to try to impress u?
Given me chocolates and flowers.
SCORE: You pose mostly in images. You
don’t like movies?
>Ruki: I’m not keen on
vid and I thought I had struggled in the SCORE vids. But the movie scenes turned
out better than I thought they would.

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