SCORE February 2008: 70 Pictures of Brianna Costello

“When I walk into a grocery store and I’ve a tight, thin shirt on or I just finished cleaning my car–I wear a worthy little getup for car cleaning–I always receive plenty of looks,” Brianna Costello says. She’s a beauty who has each right to boast–if this babe wanted to. “When I am at the car wash, people just avoid and stare, and I truly think that when they’re looking at me, they’re having judgmental thoughts about my big meatballs. A lot of ’em aren’t looking at my love bubbles cuz they like big love muffins, although I know tons of the chaps do. They’re looking at me cuz they’re thinking things like, ‘Oh, she has no class,’ or, ‘She’s not a proper Southern female,’ whatever that’s. So I’ve come up with naming them boob-prejudiced people.”

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