SCORE December 2007: 60 Pictures of Jade Feng

SCORE: How often do you have sex?
Jade: All the time, whenever I can.
SCORE: What are your prefered erotic positions?
Jade: Missionary and banging my bosoms.
SCORE: What sexually satisfies u the best?
Jade: Anybody who’s willing to go for a pair of hours. I acquire very slutty when a chap cant hold back and cums on me. That lewd my mind likewise.
SCORE: How important is dick size to you? What size jock do u like?
Jade: I have had admirable sex from diminutive or big. It depends on how worthy of a lover it is attached to.
SCORE: What is the monumental shlong u have taken all the way in your mouth?
Jade: It was so large, I could barely acquire my mouth around it.
SCORE: What type of foreplay do u like a woman chaser to do?
Jade: I like to get plenty of blowjob. I like to have my love button sucked with a large dildo in my cookie at the same time.
SCORE: What fetishes do u have?
Jade: Lengthy hair, Japanese XXX Anime, and certainly, COLOSSAL Scones!
SCORE: Do u hawt dance in clubs?
I’ve done that. It’s enjoyment.

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