SCORE December 2007: Fifty Fotos of Mia Starr

A California cutie, Mia Starr’s good looks and fashionable bod could easily translate to Florida’s beaches. For her SCORE mag debut, Mia put on an outfit that acquires the SCORE editor Seal of Approval. Type of a cross betwixt a bathing suit with a micro-skirt and panties combo. Whatsoever this is called in a store, it was designed to drive you barmy when a girl with the right body wears it. Mia says she brought this from home for her pictorial. “I love to wear everything hawt and very girlie. I love to wear short skirts, push-up tops that make my titties stick out and high heels. Almost any of the time you’ll discover me in a reservoir top. If I am modeling at a car show, I’ll probably wear smth like this or a bathing costume. You’ll never catch me in Birkenstocks.” Well that is precious!

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