SCORE December 2007: Fourty Pix of Zuzanna

Zuzanna is a double-D barmaid in Prerov, Czech Republic. Her hobbies are reading, watching TV shows and playing tourist in her own country. This babe measures 38-24-34, stands 5’7″ and weighs 118 lbs. Her goal in the next pair of years is to go into and try to win the tapping and beer serving competition that’s held in Prague every year. A Czech version of Coyote Unattractive? At not time. There’s no lap dancing and whooping it up on bar top for this. “A lot of barmen and barmaid go into this contest,” Zuzanna said. “A GARY from Bohemia won the last competition so that proves that gals can win. You receive to serve the beer in a specific manner and presentation is important also! I’m practicing now for next year.” Worthy luck, Zuzanna. But that’s not the kind of head we asked for.

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