SCORE Card: 10 Pix of SCORE Card

I am a tit-man for life! I can’t even look at a flat-chested bitch goddess. What’s the point? Lena Li. Oh, my God! This babe is ridiculous! Now that is how a SCORE hotty is supposed to look! Diminutive and stacked! Not chubby and sloppy! Which brings me to my next point. Just coz a woman has mountainous fun bags doesn’t mean she’s a SCORE beauty! A lot of these chicks are big-boned so therefore they have large knockers. But it is not cute looking at ’em in the least bit. And we all know for a fact that you all exaggerate their weight. I read some of their measurements and kick off laughing. Feature more sweethearts like Lena Li and less pudgy, sloppy, fat, unattractive, big-breasted honey bunnys.-D.A.

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