SCORE August 2007: 40 Images of Minka

Minka does things to her jungle print swim dress that no other woman on earth can do. This looks like a cozy sufficient and intimate tropical setting to hunker down with Minka and whip out the old trouserpipe. Bob W. says: “Minka’s finest layout ever!” SCORE Lady-killer V.L. concurs: “Let me say this about Minka, that babe is very sexy and very pretty. I agree that Minka is still the world’s number one Asian big boobed queen and that’s the truth from me!” Minka keeps very active and keeps her amazing body in great shape with each single day tennis practice plus tournaments around America. Minka was a recent guest on the RUBEN Carolla radio show 97.1 Free FM Los Angeles, in a weekday morning broadcast from the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas. Now that’s quality radio.

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