SCORE August 2007: Fourty Pix of Cindy Cupps

“I’m not the typical exotic dancer,” Cindy says. “I don’t go out a lot. I do not party. I am not jumping from lap dancing club to lap dancing club. I am not a nighttime person. I’m not saying that the archetypal lap dancer is an airhead. I am not saying it in a derogatory way. I’m just saying that the normal gogo dancer can’t live without the nightlife. I’m not a nighttime person. I am greater amount focused on what I’m doing. I know what I wish, and that is what I’m going for. I’m outgoing, but to an extent. I know how to behave in certain situations. I do not let myself receive too out of hand. I can not say I’ve ever been a party gal. Do I like to go out and have a not many cocktails every now and then? Yes, I do. I’m a regular person. I like to go out, savour, have a not many drinks. I like to party a little bit. But do I do it on a regular basis? No.”

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