SCORE April 2007: 60 Fotos of Kelly Kay

Deal Or No Deal For Kelly Kay And Mum!

Millions of British television viewers saw SCORE Goddess Kelly Kay and her Mom Jane beat the banker for Fifty,000 pounds on Deal Or No Deal, hosted by Noel Edmonds. (The YOU.S. version is hosted by comic Howie Mandel.) Kelly sitting with Jane during Jane’s play and even spoke to the banker during the game. Together, they made an unbeatable couple. During the broadcast, Kelly was recognized as a SCORE model and star of so that news later generated tons of interest, especially the part about Jane and Kelly posing jointly in November ’05 Voluptuous. They are now the almost any famous mother-daughter modeling team in the U.K. “Kelly and I do tons of things jointly. I’m helping Kelly decorate her recent abode at the pont of time and we always seem to wear the same captivating garments,” said Jane. Kelly noted: “My Mum would go to London with me for my photo shoots. The photographer was always telling her what a great body this babe has, so after months of persuasion, this babe acceded to pose with me. I think Mum has a great body and I thought it would boost her confidence. I was cheerful she was coming along as I knew we would have a chuckle together.” Jane told reporters: “I only appeared in a brief scene with Kelly and it was topless and tasteful. The photographers were complimentary about my looks and figure and straightaway asked me if I’d be interested in joining in. At 1st, I thought there was no way I would do it. I think I just got wrapped up in the whole thing. I was used to seeing Kelly pout at the camera and thought that babe looked great. No one could deny what a great body that babe has, a body that I gave her. I thought that posing with Kelly would be a boost to my confidence and I was right. It felt so valuable, having my make-up done professionally, the photographers telling us how good we looked and just the complete studio atmosphere made me feel so empowered and hot. It was very gorgeous. We knew men liked staring at our figures, so if you have got it, why not flaunt it? The way I saw it, I go topless on the beach with Kelly so why not do it in front of a camera? Kelly and I had a great time.”


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