SCORE April 2007: 60 Images of Delotta Brown

SCORE: Your areolae are biggest.
DELOTTA: Yep, they are.
SCORE: Maybe the titanic I’ve ever observed, including Cindy Cupps’. Definitely the king-size on a natural.
DELOTTA: I think they’re prettier when they’re fully vertical.
SCORE: There are hotty’s out there whose meatballs aren’t as big as your areolae.
DELOTTA: I do make no doubt of so.
SCORE: Your areolae alone might be a B-cup.
DELOTTA: They’re about the size of my palm. I can do tons of pleasure ram with my knockers, too. I can hold things between them and beneath them with no hands. They’re great for tit screwing. I can slap you with one, but they’re quite heavy. They can hurt u if I hit you too inflexible with ’em. And I love when fellows suck on ’em. A chap can suck on ’em for a half 60 minutes and I would be cheerful.


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