SCORE: U must stop traffic.
KAYLA: Yes, I do. I’ll tell you a story. I was in London one time, and it was so funny. I was just walking down the street toward Buckingham Place, and two chaps on little mopeds just ran into every other. Boom! I was just standing there. I was like, “Wow, how did this happen? I guess my melons did it again!”

SCORE: Is that the only accident you’ve ever caused?

KAYLA: The only one I’m aware of.

SCORE: Other than the ones in guys’ pants, which you probably cause quite a bit.

KAYLA: I hope so! I must do smth there! That accident in London is the solely one I’ve ever indeed noticed, but plenty of times I just kind of put blinders on, ‘cuz if I paid attention to everyone who’s gawking at me, I would kick off to acquire a complex. I just put my blinders on and enter my own little world and do what I get to do and try to leave all of the “Holy shits” and “God damns!” behind.

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