Bounce Baby, Bounce!

Bounce Baby, Bounce!

“Most boys urge me to have sex with ’em when I tell them I am a sex researcher,” Sabina Leigh told us when that babe was at SCORE for the 1st time shooting for Voluptuous magazine. “They say I can use ’em for research.”

Sabina came here (and came inflexible) several times, and did interracial and a three-some on her most-recent visit. She’s researched and designed dildos made of glass, produced by a friend who’s a skillful glass blower. She knows a lot about anatomy and what acquires a woman cumming. I guess her kind of toy could be called ergonomic–designed for maximum ease, usage and efficiency.

“The G-spot is right inside the bawdy cleft at the top, so you crave the hook to go up and to the front, love right behind the like button. So the ultimate way to use it is not to put it deep into the bawdy cleft, but focus more on just the 1st couple of inches inside. That is where the G-spot and all those sensitive nerve endings will be found.”

Movie scenes that expose the female mangos in motion, adore a gal doing sports, and anything outside tend to stick to the memory of the boob fellow. In this scene, Sabina Leigh enjoyed a one-on-one game of hoops and this babe is wearing the consummate clothing: tight shorts and a tight tank top over a brassiere. It’s hawt and clammy outside so Sabina pulls off her tank. These bra-covered, jiggling flesh-melons acquire Ashley even more heated. He interrupts anything by grabbing Sabina and having a go at her areolas. This babe opens her throat and this game is over. They throw a towel on the grass and that charmer copulates her. Kneeling, this babe gives him that look that says “Come on my hooters.” That babe juggles her big mounds and that ladies man jacks on them for a cheerful ending.

Many times, a browser or a web site member offers that a gal this charmer knows give us a call. That happened to Sabina. “A ally of mine suggested that I investigate your magazines and look into doing glamour modeling, so I looked at your site and did some research. Then I took some pics and sent ’em in. You guys called and offered me the chance to come down.”

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