Completely Coated

Totally Coated

Roxi Red sure picked the right outfit for this auto-buff shoot: A skintight top that’s cut to display plenty of eye-popping cleavage, taut wazoo shorts and platform heels. Roxi should suit love this or in bikinis more often. This babe looks great wearing tinted glasses too. It’s the 1st time we’ve ever viewed Roxi in glasses.

Then, from out of nowhere, she’s sprayed from neck to feet. Roxi’s been slimed! It is a worthwhile thing she wore glasses. What a mess the photographer made. This charmer must have been saving it up for months!

Now oozing all over, Roxi has no choice but to peel off her hot outfit and get undressed. We brought over the comfy chair so she could sit back and spread her legs wide, which is always a joy for her and for her many fans including us. U will not discover bigger in size fans of Roxi Red than SCORE Fellows.

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