Revenge Sex For Bambi Blacks

Revenge Sex For Bambi Blacks

Bambi Blacks is the cream pie queen of the Great Britain. Lawyers and doctors specialize. Why not adult stars? A sex cream pie is one of the items on the to-do list for Bambi in her first SCORE hardcore scene.

When Bambi discovers one more girl’s photo on her boyfriend’s phone, they have a fight in a park. An angry Bambi wants to know what’s up and her buck Jamie argues back. This chab wet cracks his phone back and angrily commands Bambi to go upstairs to her flat. Bambi walks off, fuming and sullen.

On the way, Bambi spies Kristoff on one more park bench. A neon sign flashes over her head and spells out, “Get yourself some revenge sex.” Bambi sits next to him and picks him up in record time. Her immense ta-tas in a low-cut dress do almost all of the talking. She invites him up for some no-strings pleasure and Kristoff is pleased to tap this big-chested honey bunny he’s never watched in advance of.

Back at her place, Bambi buries Kristoff’s big fuck-stick down her face hole, one of her other specialties. Her mouth does a number on his rod and whilst she’s sucking him off, that babe takes a selfie in the action. Kristoff nose-dives into Bambi’s bald taco, then rams into her, fucking her love that chap has a plane to catch. Bambi is one of these porno stars who looks into the digital camera and talks while she’s doing the immodest with a guy, adding a P.O.V. look to the act.

Bambi will be getting her creampie delivered and a knock on the door right after her bawdy cleft is loaded. Her revenge will be whole.

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