Repost SCORE March 2001: 70 Images of Bettie Ballhaus

Ach du liebe Zeit! We were looking at this glamour photoshoot of the mouthwateringly chested German busenhalter-buster Betina (aka Bettie Balhaus). Betwixt strokes, we thought about where we’d watched this kind of funky, space SEAN scenario in advance of. And then it hit. In 1970, there was a live action British TV show with kitschy sets called UFO, produced by Gerry Anderson, from the puppet shows, Thunderbirds and Supercar. Who remembers UFO? The curvy astro-chicks on the Moon base, scanning space for alien saucer fleets, wore skintight purple suits and purple wigs. That is what this Bettina set reminded us of. UFO. Except these Brit actresses didn’t come close to having Bettie’s gigantic, remarkable whoppers. Even Bettina’s real “pageboy” hairstyle is close in look to the wigs the UFO angels wore. We’re glad to say that Bettina is doing well back in Berlin, doing that web model thing with guest stars like her ally, the incredible Nadine from February 01 SCORE, and Lorna Morgan, of all people. This set, which Bettie calls ‘Bettierella,’ was shot in a Berlin joint called Astro Bar in Freidrichshain, Simon-Dach Strasse. Looks like a neat joint for a brew, especially if Bettie is cutting her blouse to pieces while you’re downing a good German beer. Her die festen Bruste [firm tits] are just out-of-this-world. Who cares if Bettina still is not prepared to widen her pink flaps, and show us what this babe is made out of. Those humongous, nude milk shakes are greater quantity than sufficient to keep us very glad. Indeed we live in a great time for German milk cans, with newcomers Bettina, Julia Miles and Nadine blitzing the big beneath garment world. Thanks, Bettina, for keeping the aliens at bay.

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