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I’m real fortunate ‘coz I need to date lots of young beauties, but no thing ever indeed acquires also serious with them or everything. Here’s the thing. I have been with this one, little honey bunny now for about a month. But she wishes us to be neverseen if we are going to fuck-and she’s made it very clear that that babe truly craves to fuck me. The merely thing I’ve gotten out of her so far is a little finger-fucking and some enthusiastic but very unskilled head. JERRY, this girl is 18 and I am not quite Thirty seven. Do you think I ought to go solo for a while with her just for the sex? I don’t particularly watch us having a future or everything, but I would not mind a petite in number months of pleasure and banging with her, even if it means less time with other girls. Could it be worth the sacrifice?-T.C.

Dear T.C.
So this ain’t intend to be anything long-term, but if she is this breathtaking a girl and she’s made it clear that that babe wants to fuck u, why not? U can always go back to roaming around if this doesn’t decide, and if it does for a during the time that, what are u losing?


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