I’ve been dating the same lad for nearly a year now. That smooth operator asked me the other night if this Lothario could cum a different way. Usually, if we are screwing, he pulls out and discharges it on my tummy or on my back if we are doing it doggie-style. If I’m giving him a BJ, then I just gulp it when this ladies man squirts in my throat. But last night, This ladies man wanted me to let him cum in my booty! That guy said me that he didn’t wanna put his whole thing in my butt-just the tip so he could cum inside me. I was kind of freaked out by it, and that guy couldn’t last much longer so this man wound up shooting his cum on my wazoo instead. I think it might feel nice if that stud just did that-shoot his cum inside me that way. I know I can’t get preggy from that, but should I think about everything else? Is it gonna hurt if he just puts it a little inside me? I have at no time even had a finger touch me there, so I actually do not know what to await.-M.W.

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