Dear PAUL,
My girlfriend loves it when I rubdown her feet, and sometimes before we fuck, I’ll rub one of her feet with the other in my lap, and I’ll be hard doing it. This babe can’t assist but notice and sometimes rubs my hard-on with her naked foot to the point I cant finish and I get to either fuck her or jerk off on her hips cuz I’m so with out control. This babe by no means seems to mind if I get to blow a load early ‘coz she’s the one who got me going in the first place, but she has started to ask if I like her feet so much that I’ve a foot fetish.
I would love for her to put her feet around my ding-dong while I rub-down them and let me blow my load all over her soles. Does this mean I have a foot fetish? How should I ask her to do this for me?-F.R.

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