Beginner Velvet acquires recent, young meat.

Newcomer Velvet gets recent, juvenile meat.

Velvet Skye, a 55-year-old divorcee and Mamma from Canada, is wearing a tight, sexy, cleavage-revealing suit, and this babe is on the phone with her date for the evening. This babe thinks this chab sounds juvenile.

“I’m really looking for someone around my age,” that babe says.

“I’m really Fourty six,” this dude insists.

That dude is lying, and when that gent receives to Velvet’s place, this babe can tell this petticoat chaser is not Fourty six. Heck, his father might be 46, but not him.

“How aged are you truly?” this babe asks.

“I’m actually Twenty nine,” this chab says, “but I like maturer chicks.”

That lady-killer tells her he couldn’t resist her when that guy saw her pictures on the in a relationship with web site. Well, each dominatrix can’t live without to be flattered, and, furthermore, they’re not going out, in any case. They’re staying in and banging.

Yeah, banging. Right there on the sofa. And the fortunate young man is plan to cum in Velvet’s throat and all over her charming boobs.

Has the appearance of Velvet might have changed her mind about young lads.

Velvet lives in Toronto. She is 5’9″ and has a weight of 134 pounds. She has a worthy sense of humor. We asked her what would be her dream car, and she said, “A limousine with a chauffeur.”

This babe enjoys skiing and likes ice hockey. Her beloved teams are the hometown Maple Leafs and the Chicago Blackhawks. That babe loves reading, cooking and drooping out with her allies. That babe is a nudist. She is a swinger. That babe is into glory holes, so you might get lucky if you’re in Toronto and u take your chances with one.

After all, Bambino took a chance and look how worthwhile it turned out. For him and for us.

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