Recent Discovery: 52 Pix of Alanna Ackerman

Glad Halloween from Fresh Discovery Alanna Ackerman, a Florida bra-buster who has the juggs and needs the treats. Gor some candy for this Sexy Mystery Hotty? Alanna measures 40-29-38, weighs 140 lbs. and stands 5’1″. She can squeeze her mellow pumpkins into a 34E. It depends on the choice of the day: Fredericks, Victoria’s, Playtex or Maidenform. An orange tit-sling looked right for Halloween. “I always wear a undergarment except at home,” Alanna says. “Then I’ll just put on a tank-top. When I leave the house, I’m usually in a petticoat, a T-shirt and high heels. Except during Halloween.”

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