Naughty Neighbors Holiday 2006: 20 Pictures of Laurie Ann Summers

Laurie can’t live without screwing and there’s not much she won’t do except for anal. She loves cunt and has had tons of bawdy weekends with other angels. She’s done fuckfests also. “I think I’m like a boy, the way I guess and act when it comes to sex. I call other beauties doxies and boss ’em around in intimate. I can see through their little games and call ’em on it. The mature I get, the bigger quantity I crave sex. I love blowjobs and swallowing cum. I didn’t use to like giving them but now I love to do it. Boys tell me I give the superlatively nice head they ever had. My life is sex, sex and weenie. That is all I guess about. I was a dork and very insecure growing up so this is my way of making up for it.”


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