Natalie Fiore Naughty In Nassau 2

God, what a alluring body Natalie Fiore has! She’s merely posed for The SCORE Group and joins the ranks of the very particular ones. “My friends have very dunky fun bags and they receive very jealous of me because I’ve such big tits,” Natalie says with out a trace of gloating in her voice. “I can feel it, wherever we go and soever we are doing. But I cant assist it that my milk shakes are so large. I love having them, but it is not smth I can control, so I do not understand other women resenting me for having ’em. I didn’t want for their mounds to be petite.” The fact is, Natalie can’t live with out her mangos and is pleasured of ’em. Her milk sacks are a very important part of her life in every way. That babe enjoys ’em to the max. That babe can’t live out of to feel them, squeeze them and engulf and lick the teats. That babe likes it done to her by her boyfriends and that babe can’t live without to do it to herself when she’s alone and having a masturbatory experience. We have always wanted to conduct a survey in which we would ask hotty’s if they rub and suck their own marangos for their own pleasure when they masturbate. ‘coz we make no doubt of that the typical woman with an typical bust size does not. But the super-endowed babes, do they? We know that with Natalie we have one lady who does.”

Natalie Fiore Wicked In Nassau 2