Mother Looks Supreme!

The brunette hair is Desi. She’s a 48-year-old divorcee from Tampa, Florida. The blonde is Elli. She’s Twenty one. She’s Desi‘s daughter. When Elli came to our studios to discharge for Naughty Neighbors, our sister publication, her Mom decided to tag along… and get undressed for 40Something. Now, this kind of thing doesn’t happen too often, and when it did, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to prove what we and all 40Something browsers have known all along: Chicks acquire bigger in size amount worthwhile with age. It’s not just that Desi has biger meatballs and a rounder butt than her hot daughter. It’s that Desi carries herself in a way solely a mature, assertive woman can. “I’ve been living in my body a lot longer than my daughter has in hers,” said Desi, who debuted in the June ’08 issue. “Eli is a assured JOSEPH, and I am proud of her, but a 21-year-old cant know what this babe wishes. I do.” It is obvious. And in this matchup of experience vs. youth, the winner is obvious, likewise.

Mother Looks Finest!

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