Miss Lee’s Bush Garden

Miss Lee's Bush Garden

Welcome back, Mischel Lee. SCORE boyz who support bush will especially remember Mischel. She sported a very wooly patch betwixt her legs. The Czech dark brown first appeared in 2014 after one of our photographers in Europe spotted her.

There are two changes that Mischel made since we final photographed her. The first is that Mischel’s twins are bigger in size. The second is she’s added two rings to her labia, one on every side. There are some marvelous close-ups in the photo set of Mischel pulling her cunt lips apart by the rings. Michel still maintains her hair pie, smth hard to discover in those days of the baldies.

Mischel does her thing quietly in her comeback clip because that babe doesn’t speak much English. She’s still as hot as final time. Two years agone, SCORE interviewed Mischel on-camera with the assistance of a translator. Verbal or not, Mischel is a sexy thang and she’ll be back next time in a XXX scene.

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