Merilyn Nude Day 5

Our Dynamic Duo photo team is up early but Merilyn is still deep in
slumberland. Should they take a chance and wake her up? Will that babe be grumpy
and irritable like many of us are in the morning? Let us identify out. They
switch on the light in the bedroom. “Merilyn, wake up,” whispers Tushna,
pulling the covers back. Wow! Merilyn’s stark naked underneath the blanket. No
pajamas! No nightgown! “Total side cleavage,” murmurs Tushna, touching
Merilyn’s gorgeous breast as that babe dozes. But it’s no use. Merilyn is out
cold. How stylish her milk shakes splay, unsupported by any tops or bras. Ahh,
she’s grumpy, the little sleeping princess. It is 8am and Merilyn is very
groggy. It is too early! The team lastly convinces her to acquire into the
shower. That will wake her up for the hot day ahead. And of course the
camera stays…

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