Merilyn Stripped Day 4

Merilyn’s pink go-go cutie outfit emphasizes what a hawt body she has. She
answers a few questions about sex which she’s by no means done in advance of. She
searches her mind for the right words but let’s give her some credit. Her
halting English is still a lot better than our non-existent Ukrainian. To
help her out, our Ukrainian translator Jelena, a V-Mag glamour model is off-camera.
It’s still lovely to hear her speak in her native language. She says she
loves to engulf and joy a fellow with her throat. Using her hands, she
demonstrates what she loves a man to do with his hands when they’re in daybed.
“I like [to] feel a powerful man’s hands,” Merilyn says. “I like when this chab suck
my nipples.” As the video progresses, we’ll learn even bigger amount about Busty
Merilyn’s raunchy enjoyments as this babe demonstrates and speaks in her sexy

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