Merilyn Exposed Day TWO

Fruits? Eggs? Pastries? Cookies with semen? What the heck is this kind of stuff doing in a movie scene about a big-titted playgirl like Merilyn Sakova? Allow us to explain. U see, many of us simply like to RICKY to Merilyn’s astronomical bosoms and magnificent body. That babe stuffs her fur pie with dildos, our nuts fill with juice and our knobs explode when the time is right. But then there are these of us who have a more romantic watch of Merilyn. We imagine what it would be like if she were ours. If she were our wife or significant other. We fantasize about what it would be like to work all day and come home to a female like her. Would this babe take care of us in each way, and not just sexually (although that, too)? Can she do the ironing, the washing, cook food, keep the abode clean? Or this babe just a big-titted bimbo who’s good for no thing but screwing? This episode and the accompanying pictures answer those questions.

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