What’s our all-natural Rose been up to since we last saw her in the June 2006 issue? “Nothing much,” the redhead sighs. “Working in my garden. I broke up with that college guy I was dating-or should I say fucking!” What happened, Rose? You seemed so cheerful to be with him after your rectal hole husband left you. “To be honest, this smooth operator couldn’t keep up with me,” Rose explains with a chortle. “I of course did not know I could receive this horny, and of course not hornier than a 21-year-old. But I am. I wanna fuck at least 3 times a day-first thing in the morning, final thing at night, and anew in-between. I tired that poor smooth operator right out! So, I have decided to date a bunch of different men, that way, none of them receive likewise tuckered out. One of the superlatively valuable is a 64-year-old widower who lives down the block.”

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