Marion wanted to be a glamour model when this babe was younger. But an early marriage and kids quashed her fantasies. When that babe lost her boyfriend, that babe thought her life was over, but five years later, this babe is coming with out her shell. “Maybe this isn’t Vogue,” that babe says with a snicker, “but I like it! I think I have always had an interior sexpot,” Marion confesses. “It just got buried throughout my 20s, 30s and 40s with kids, my boyfriend, his business, my accomplished life, all those things. Now, I can take the time to let the little whore inside me out–and I gonna do it in a big way! I consider those pics to be my coming out party, with the emphasis on party! My hubby and I had a great sex life, and I see no reason I can not have one anew. I might by no means experience love like I did with him, but right now, all I am looking for is lust!”

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