“I was a Vegas dancer when I met my partner,” 45-year-old Sugar tells us. “I never indeed planned on getting married. I was relishing the single life way too much. I came to Vegas when I was just Eighteen from a diminutive city in Nebraska. I guess you could say I had something of a reputation back home, but I was always destined to acquire out of that backwater. I got a job lap dancing right away, and I loved the attention I got from all the fellows. Every night, they would send bottles of champagne and roses backstage for me, and they’d wait out side, practically begging to take me out to dinner. Majority nights, I would say yeah. You know how much energy you have when you are that youthful. I could stay out all night partying, then work 3 shows tomorrow out of blinking an eye.” But ravishing Sugar had a secret. “Even though I had a reputation for being fast back home, I was a virgin when I got to Las Vegas. To tell the truth, I was a little scared of sex. I mean, I made out with lads, and I’d been felt up, but each time I felt a bulge in their trousers, I would panic. My ex-husband was one of these boys who waited outside the stage door for me, and when this man found out I was a virgin, he actually began pursuing me stiff. He wanted my cherry, and this fellow wanted it real bad. I’ll not at any time forget the night this chab finally got it.”

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