You know how studs talk about wanting to be with a female who is a female-dominator in the street but a freak in the bedroom?” asked Liana, a California sales woman who’s making her 40Something debut. “Well, that is me. When I am out on the city with my date, I try to be spruce. My suit is usually classy but facile, leaving lots to the imagination. My makeup is just right, enough to make me look hot. I relish wonderful wines and can talk about any topic. But when we get home, I crave it rough, hard and all night long.”

When it comes to turning bucks on, Liana takes a slower but deeper path than other ladies. “I detect a way to receive in their heads a little,” this babe admitted. “I get a lot bigger quantity satisfaction that way and bucks tend to remember you longer if you plant the seed inside their brains first. I like to stimulate them mentally in advance of I do physically. Once I know I’ve got their interest, that is when I kick off to move in for the kill down underneath. Trust me, it’ll be a slow kill, likewise. As much as I enjoy lengthy, unfathomable conversation, I truly have enjoyment long, deep, exhausting sex. And I do mean deep!”

With a successful career in sales, Liana knows how to communicate and acquire what that babe urges in the end. “Sales is the art of getting what u desire during the time that making the other person pleased when it is done,” she told. “It’s a skill I have mastered in the boardroom and in the bedroom. I know what I like sexually, and I know how to receive what I crave. For example, I love to have my pussy eaten. When I sense that a charmer is hesitant to go down on me, I’ll go down on ’em 1st. I love to suck shlong and I know that I’m worthy at it. So after I kick off working a hard shlong in my mouth and then kick off to hear them have pleasure it, I’ll tell ’em that I indeed love to 69. I’ll say, ‘Having my love button sucked while I engulf a weenie is guaranteed to make me do it more mind boggling,’ and the next thing u know I’m putting my knees on either side of their head so they can begin munching on my honey aperture. I am not lying, though. I do tend to suck it longer and harder if I’m being worked on, also. Once this happens, I know I must go for it. I’ll commence deep-throating a boy and caressing his balls, also. This will show him that when I tell him I’m going to do something in daybed, I mean it. If this fellow is really turned on and doing a fine job at eating my cookie, I’ll let him shoot his hot load into my throat. I haven’t met a smooth operator who didn’t love that, and it turns me on, also. In the end, I get my box tongue-cleaned, this man acquires an outstanding oral-sex, and we the one and the other cum.”

Divorced now for three years, Liana has had a hard time keeping her business life and her sex life separate. “After I split with my ex-husband, I went throughout the normal phase that all divorcees go throughout when they’re amorous as hell. It’s been rock hard for me coz I do run into plenty of valuable looking, smart and successful dudes. You can need to know anybody nice-looking intimately when trying to finalize a deal. There’re times when I’ll observe some of those boys and think, ‘I wager he bonks like a skirt chaser just paroled,’ in advance of stopping myself. That’s part of the reason why I posed for those fotos. Maybe I’ll meet somebody who will not wish to buy everything. He’ll just wanna fuck me! Any volunteers?”