Kitty JEROME Behind The Scenes

The generously muscular Kitty GENE is guided throughout a photo-shoot session for Voluptuous and you can tell how worthwhile a adult model she’s by the unrepining way that babe takes direction. Believe it or not, some guys do not care much for large bra buddies. Kitty explains: “I went out with one ladies man who broke up with me because my bosoms were too large. When he met me I was wearing a indeed big, baggy shirt ‘cuz I was just out at a hardware store getting smth really quick. But when we went out I wore this actually handsome garments. He dated me a pair of times and then told me this chab could not date me cuz my milk sacks were too big. This lady-killer just said he could not date a woman with love muffins this big, that it bothered him. He’s the solely boy who ever told that to me, though.” It’s a fine thing they stopped dating. This lad sounds mentally ill.

Kitty LESTER Behind The Scenes