Fitness Centre For Juliana Simms

Gym For Juliana Simms

Now a SCORELAND alumnus, Juliana Simms has returned and it is magnificant to have her back. This time we go to the Fitness Centre with Juliana.

SCORELAND: Applaud Juliana, welcome back. Have your milk cans gotten larger since the last time you posed at the end of 2014?

Juliana: It’s valuable to be back. I guess my scoops are the same size as before.

SCORELAND: Do you still work in the flower business? What kind of clothing do u wear at work?

Juliana: Yeah, I still work with flowers and I always like to wear constricted tops at work.

SCORELAND: Have your bosoms ever broken a beneath garment hook or a belt?

Juliana: Yes, many times and sometimes a bathing costume strap. My funbags are very heavy.

SCORELAND: Do u know how much your bazookas weigh now?

Juliana: No, but they weigh a lot! I should have them weighed one day, yes?

SCORELAND: When you’re going throughout airports, do the security people give u particular attention?

Juliana: Yeah, very much and sometimes security need to touch me. That’s annoying.

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