Jiggle & Chortle

Jiggle & Giggle

Tiggle Bitties always resembles that babe is have a blast. Going naked appears to be to be her natural state. We can picture her walking and dripping undressed in the woods, her bigger than standard bumpers wildly bouncing, slapping and swinging.

SCORELAND: So Tiggle, do you like looking in a mirror during sex?

Tiggle: Secretly, I absolutely adore it. I think it is hawt to view.

SCORELAND: Do you love to talk bawdy in bed?

Tiggle: When I receive actually wanton, absolutely!

SCORELAND: What is the outrageous thing you’ve ever done in ottoman, either alone or with a spouse?

Tiggle: I actually am not sure…

SCORELAND: What’s smth you’ve attempted, but will never do afresh?

Tiggle: I am not a stupendous fan of sloppy BJs with a vibrator but with the real thing…mmmm!

SCORELAND: Are u more handsome at mouthing weenie or eating wet vagina?

Tiggle: I’ve had rave reviews both ways, so I am not sure. I think I’ve had more people tell me that I am A-plus at weenie than the other way around. It’s very close though. Babes crave to lay back and enjoy the experience. They desire you to take control, know what you are doing and make it happen. Fellows adore the game. They crave you to look up and play and they desire u to treat ’em love a king but I know that I have the force coz there are teeth in my mouth. It’s a game. That’s what a valuable BJ is, the game, and I like that.

SCORELAND: Has a lad ever cum before that ladies man got his wang in your mouth?

Tiggle: Yep. Just from seeing my bra-busters. But that happened more in high-school. It happens more with younger hot boyz.

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