I'm Voluptuous And Trickling Luscious!

Tina (April ’09 Voluptuous) doesn’t normally shower like this each morning. The German Mama I’d like to fuck desires to make breast-men happy. When the hand-held shower head was invented, the designers had to have known what hotty’s like Tina would do with ’em. A sales manager in Berlin, her hobbies are reading, watching episodes, walking and sex, and not in that exact dictate. This babe likes Asian food, red wine and chocolate. Tina keeps her activities low-key and intimate. “I wear eyeglasses and dudes say that makes me look like a librarian,” Tina claims. Tina feels she’s entering the horniest phase of her life and that’s one of the main reasons this babe decided to acquire into the hyper-sexual adult scene. If that babe goes out in the evening after work, she dresses as hawt as this babe can and flaunts her chest. When the mood strikes, she’ll visit a swingers exotic dancing club with her partner. “I have large bouncy bosoms and a very big clit,” says Tina. “So at those parties, I attract plenty of attention.” Dripping Time: 20:31

I'm Voluptuous And Leaking Moist!


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