I Banged Your Wife: Penny Porsche

Super-MILF Penny Porsche is the proverbial stacked aged lady with unstoppable raunchy needs. She likes to fuck a much younger guy. That’s her kink and she’s well known for it. She wants youthful pricks and obviously attracts boob hounds. There are some young boys who are drawn to aged, big-titted vixens instead of angels their own age. Penny is a trophy fuck for boyz like that. Penny has one of the massive clits ever seen on film and it receives a hard massage during this non-stop and messy gangbang session. There’s a lot of big tit play, slurpy blow jobs, wanton tittyfucking and pussy-sticking. Now he can brag I Rogered Your Wife!

I Rogered Your Wife: Penny Porsche


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