Lovely heart Boombalottie

Hottie Boombalottie

This is a Milly Marks takeover. We offer no resistance, for resistance is futile against a attractive honey like her. In fact, SCORE‘s head honcho said, “Schedule some other Milly scene ASAP!”

Milly rocks a sheer body suit that’s seriously strained underneath those magnificent 36HH bra-busters–pale with wide, prominent nipps. Milly can self-suck her own nipples, a uncommon talent that’s stiff to see, even at SCORELAND or XL Gals.

“Talent? Well, I’m indeed precious at bringing all of the groceries into the abode in one travel,” joked Milly, who’s too professional at shooting out a matter of joke zingers. She has a worthy sense of humor.

“I used to play flag football for fun. I was not worthy at it but it kept me active. It’s a greater than average thing in the little city I grew up in. Now I’m scared to join a sport coz I do not crave to receive hit in the face with my mountainous hooters.”

Milly told her most-fun job was as a nanny. We hope she can’t live with out this one even better.

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