Holy Undergarment!

No, Paola Rios is not knocked up nor did that babe say this babe wanted to be. She is just got a yen to try on a specialized maternity brassiere that has flaps to allow the baby access to mamma’s nipples out of having to remove the undergarment. “I like this bra cuz it has bigger quantity support than almost any bras,” notes Paola. That support is too very important for the comfort of the Mom and for maintaining her boobs’ shape by limiting how much the breasts’ supportive paper tissues are stretched. Paola doesn’t must worry about that now but learning about this undergarment will come in useful if or when she decides to have kids. We do not know exactly who invented the modern-day nursing brassiere (probably a company such as Maidenform) but they’re geniuses in our book. Paola says she’s fascinated by bras, especially maternity bras, and how this babe looks in ’em. “I would like to wear a bra like this during sex and have my nipples sucked. I guess that would look so kinky. I’d desire to have a mirror nearby so I could see that!”

Holy Below garment!

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