H-Cup Sex cream Dream

Farrah loves dancing, shopping and traveling. That babe was born in Pennsylvania and now lives in Texas. That babe says that babe has a major breast fetish and expects any guy who’s interested in her to feel the same way. Her raunchy fantasy is to be controlled by a Lothario. “If a guy doesn’t action like the boss, almost all honey bunnys won’t respect him,” says Farrah. “Most beauties will not say this but it is true. They don’t respect the wimp. Now I don’t wait a dude to be a brute; I expect him to be an intelligent, strong-willed gentleman and treat me well. But that guy should be the leader in the relationship, even if it’s just a no-strings fun and sex easygoing relationship.” Farrah knows what she can’t live out of in the sack. “How can I describe my ideal fuck? All I can think of is harder, harder, harder. You can watch I am not a thin, fragile wisp. I am not plan to break in half. I do admit I am a size queen. I like a ladies man with a good smile and a titanic ramrod that that fellow knows how to use.”

H-Cup Man juice Dream

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