Gia Giancarlo

“The more I have sex in front of the camera, the larger quantity I?like it,” said Gia Giancarlo, who’s back fucking after debuting in the final issue. “It was not at any time scary, but I at not time knew how much enjoyment it was until I?started to do it. I’m always up for having some joy, especially when it is hot enjoyment.”

Now Fifty three years old, Gia still has the body and sex drive of a female half her age. “I go to the Health Exotic dancing club a lot,” this babe said. “I like to work up a priceless sweat, and on top of helping me keep this figure, I feel wonderful when I am done.” Of course, there are other activities that aid work up a admirable sweat and make u feel better, and Gia likes these, likewise. “The reason I chose to do this is I love to fuck. It is really not much bigger quantity difficult than that. Anytime I can suck on a cock or have a boy fuck me until I cum unyielding, it’s a blast for me. I have met plenty of great people doing this and have had plenty of joy. But the reason I keep doing it is coz I love the feeling I get from sex. And I love that at age 53, you still wanna watch me do it!”

It doesn’t take lengthy for Gia to blush when u ask her about her prefered erotic experience. “I don’t know if I should be talking about this in a magazine,” this babe said, “But it was with a few members of a well-known rock band, back in the late 70s. A girlfriend and I snuck back stage after their show at Madison Square Garden. To try to receive them to notice us, we decided to do something shocking. Without any warning, we took off our alluring raiment. I sat up on a table, and my ally began eating my muff. We’d played with every other before, so it was no large deal. The room got real quiet, as everybody started watching us. The lead singer came over, pulled his enormous knob out and started tugging on it. Soon, this chab was standing on the table, getting a oral-sex from me whilst my ally continued to munch on my grab. It turned into one big fuckfest, and I came at least six times that night.”

Gia‘s starting to get a reputation as one of our hottest hardcore adult models. On top of her appearance in the DVD Cum-Filled Cougars, she likewise has a pair of red-hot clips here at In one of them, Gia teaches a beauty how to give her partner a better irrumation. Gia‘s expertise on the subject came throughout lots of trial-and-error. “Sucking shlong is my much loved thing to do,” this babe said. “I love the vigour of having a man’s wang in my throat and then making him explode all over my face. So, over the years, you could say I’ve mastered my talents.” The confirmation is in the cum.

Gia Giancarlo