Getting To know Donna Davidson

Getting To know Donna Davidson

Donna Davidson, our newest HORNY HOUSEWIFE, sits down for an interview with our editor. She’s 65 years mature, a fact that babe is obviously gratified of.

“It’s an salute to be 65 and doing this,” Donna says. “I think tons of 65-year-olds would not urge to let their bodies be on digital camera, and I feel love I have worked truly unbending to take care of mine, so it’s joy to be here.”

Donna calls herself “the sexy girl-next-door,” a fact we definitely accede with. For the record, that babe is married, this babe lives in Montana and this babe enjoys working in the garden. In fact, somewhere around the six-minute GORDON of this movie, Donna demonstrates her working in the garden style.

Oh, Donna, how does your garden grow? Well, you are definitely making us grow.

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