Getting to know Dallas Mathews

Getting to know Dallas Mathews

This is a bit unconventional. We have watched 57-year-old Dallas Matthews shag twice. We saw her take a greater than run of the mill wang up her a-hole. And now we’re going to must know her. Appears to be a bit backwards, right? Usually, first you must know a hotty, then u fuck her or jack off to her or whatsoever. Not this time.

Dallas is from Washington, and she’s a cougar and a swinger. This babe enjoys watching cooking shows and porn. She loves soccer and football. She was sent our way by 60Plus Mommy I’D LIKE TO FUCK Madison Milstar, who has been sending a lot of great chicks our way.

“Madison and her partner are swinging married couples, and my partner and I are swinging married couples, too, and we hooked up with ’em throughout one of the pleasure websites that we’re on,” Dallas explained. “She’s a little bit old than me, but she is absolutely breathtaking. My spouse was completely sexually excited to play with her, and her boyfriend is a good-looking boy, and he’s in great shape. And then this babe mentioned that that babe had made a movie with 60Plus MILFS, and that babe showed it to us. That babe told this babe felt totally pampered and comfortable. It was her 1st time, likewise.”

Madison told, “You’d be great for this.”

Dallas said, “It bears a resemblance to pleasure.”

And here she is!

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